tirsdag 23. mars 2010

DEMO: Phone Halo launches automated loss prevention system (video)

Phone Halo is one of 65 companies chosen by VentureBeat to launch at the DEMO Spring 2010 event taking place this week. These companies do pay a fee to present, but our coverage of them remains objective.
Ever misplace your keys, wallet or cell phone? Chances are it’s happened a few times. Now a startup called Phone Halo has launched Protect, a solution that notifies you when your valuables are left behind or stolen.
Phone Halo Protect is a special censor that will run you about $70 and lets users attach it to any item, such as keys. After downloading the Protect application to a mobile device, the user will then be able to “turn on” each device thus creating a connection between any censor.  If you’re about to leave the office, for example, and have left your car keys on your desk, the Protect application will notify you. The company claims that it can also send an email to friends or family notifying them that you might have lost some items.
Several companies have similar solutions, including Loc8tor, a device manufacturer that can track objects through the use of censors, as well as Zomm, a censor that notifies you if your phone moves beyond a specific distance or has a call. The censor also has a panic button which can make emergency calls through a speaker phone.
The Santa Barbara, California-based company has received initial seed funding and is in the process of conducting a first round of funding. Here’s a video by Dean Takahashi with Phone Halo chief technology officer Chris Herbert.

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