mandag 15. mars 2010

AnyClip opens its quote database for movie buffs

Many of you have probably had a moment where you wanted to quote a favorite line from a movie, but couldn’t quite get the wording right. A site called AnyClip can help.
The New York City startup first launched at the TechCrunch50 conference last fall, promising to help users search for and watch their favorite movie moments. We called AnyClip our favorite company of the show, but some of the judges were concerned that the team might have trouble making needed deals with the movie studios to show the clips. That turned out to be a real problem — co-founder and chief executive Aaron Cohen said he’s still hoping to build up AnyClips’ video library, but the negotiations are taking too long. So instead of launching a site of clips with metadata (quotes and tags), it’s launching a version of its site that focuses on the data itself. The site goes live today at 5 am Pacific.
For example, let’s say you’ve got a favorite line from The Big Lebowski (perhaps the most quoted movie among my acquaintances). In a few hours you’ll be able to go to AnyClip and search for The Big Lebowski and see a list of major scenes and the lines in them. Or you could just type in the quote, and AnyClip will bring up related dialogue. Then, if you’re looking at a scene that you really like, you can also click on a tag and see scenes that have the same tag. And if that scene spurs you to think, “Boy, I really want to watch that movie again,” AnyClip has links for buying or renting the movie from retailers like iTunes. (Naturally, it takes a cut from those deals).
I didn’t really need much convincing, but to demonstrate that this is something many people will want to use, co-founder and executive vice president of product and technology Nate Westheimer showed me the Google search for a number of movies. In almost every case, the top suggested search from Google was for quotes — if you type in “The Big Lebowski,” for example, the top suggested search is “The Big Lebowski quotes.”
The company says its database currently includes up to 5,000 quotes and tags from 2,000 of the top-growing films, and it plans to add another 3,000 by the end of the next quarter. It has army of workers chipping in to build those quotes and tags, though it’s exploring more crowdsourcing options.
Cohen said he definitely wants to build out that video database, since so many of the most indelible moments from films are visual, rather than verbal. It doesn’t do a whole lot of good to have a bunch of tags for the spectacular opening battle scene from Gladiator if you can’t watch the scene itself. AnyClip said it should have 1,000 embeddable clips by the end of the year.
Also, as a cool promotional project, AnyClip is inviting users to share their favorite movie moments at the AnyClip Moment project.

Companies: Anyclip
People: Aaron Cohen, Nate Westheimer

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