mandag 22. mars 2010

Amazon unveils iPad and tablet Kindle ebook reader application

Amazon has finally given us a glimpse at its Kindle application for tablets, which first makes its appearance on Apple’s iPad. The news follows the release of a Kindle application for Macs last week.
Feature-wise, there isn’t much that we didn’t expect. The application will let you continue reading from where you’ve left off on the Kindle, or any of the other Kindle applications. You’ll also be able to purchase books from the Kindle Store within the app. Unlike its Mac version, Kindle for tablets will allow you to create notes, annotations, and highlights, and view those that have been created by other Kindle software.
It also appears that Amazon has spent some time making the application visually shine on tablets. One of the views for your Kindle library shows your books against the silhouette of a tree. The sun in the background changes position depending on the time of the day, according to Engadget. The app will also allow you to customize the background color and text size, as well as screen brightness. You also have the choice of a page turning animation that resembles pages turning in a book, or a simplified approach that just jumps you to the next page.
Amazon is careful not to label this app as something meant just for iPads. Given the company’s approach to getting Kindle software on as many platforms as possible, its clear that it’s not going to discriminate on tablet platforms either. This is good news for those that are tempted by the increasing presence of tablets (like myself), but would rather wait for cheaper alternatives to the iPad.
The app will be available for the iPad when the device launches. It will also see a competitor in Barnes and Nobles’ Nook iPad application at launch, according to the New York Times.

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